The History of the David Scholarship

Paul and Carol David recognized the importance of education. Here’s the story of the scholarship program they began in 1980.

The Roots

Our founders, Paul and Carol David, did not attend college. Growing up in Massillon in the 1930s and 40s, they did not have the means to pay for higher education – but they valued it all of their lives.

To this day, Carol David is most enthusiastic about reviewing the hundreds of applications from Stark County high school seniors that come in every year to be considered for the David Scholarship.

The Origins

Paul and Carol David created their foundation as a means to distribute college scholarships: First to Massillon – then other students in nearby Stark County, Ohio towns – to pay for college.

Funding for the foundation – and the scholarships – first came from the fruits of Paul’s labor.

Paul David embodies the classic success story. He could not afford college, but instead applied his values of determination, perseverance and competition to create one of America’s greatest chain of music stores.

Selling vinyl records out of the trunk of his 1956 Buick to local Canton, Ohio retail stores, he eventually opened his own shops. He capitalized on the expansion of shopping malls throughout the United States, where many of his 400+ Camelot Music stores were located.

Scholarships… Why the Foundation was Created

Co-founder Paul David never went to college, but he wanted to make sure others did. In memory of his own parents, Paul and Carol established a fund for high school seniors – beginning in 1980 in their hometown of Massillon, Ohio – then in 2002 expanding to high school seniors across all of Stark County.

Over the Years

Since 1980, more than 1,300 applicants have been awarded David Scholarships.

Beginning in 2004, the Foundation has hosted banquets to bring together David Scholars as a community before they begin their education journey.

These dinners have become cherished traditions, where David Scholars meet and have the opportunity to begin friendships and stay connected.

The Foundation believes every David Scholar has an opportunity to change their lives and is empowered to become positive mentors and citizens who make a difference in their homes and communities.

Looking Back – and Looking Ahead

We often look and remember the words of poet W.B. Yeat: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Each scholarship is an opportunity for the recipient to light a fire and change their destiny. An education is not something that just “fills up” and stops – but continues in the form of career growth, community leadership and positive mentoring for those that come after.

We want our number of applicants to keep growing. We urge all of today’s high school seniors in Stark County schools to apply.

We urge Stark County teachers, counselors and parents to encourage their graduating seniors to give it their all and put an effort into the application program.

We have witnessed the great changes that can happen to our David Scholarship winners. And for every student who has the drive, the discipline and the character – along with the other required credentials – we want to provide the opportunity that was so important to Paul and Carol David that they established this Foundation.