Community Grant Program

The Paul and Carol David Foundation grant program supports organizations that improve the lives of children and families in their communities.

For Stark County Organizations

Nonprofit, philanthropic and charitable organizations that serve the needs of children and their families in and around Stark County, Ohio are eligible to apply for a grant from the Paul and Carol David Foundation.


Quality education and learning environments have the power to shape our childrens’ future successes. If you share this belief – and help to serve the educational needs of our community – you could be a great fit for a grant opportunity.


Our love for the Stark County community is the heart of our Foundation. We are proud to support organizations dedicated to strengthening our community – benefitting so many children and families with access to quality programs and services.


Healthy children + Healthy families = a STRONG community. We support organizations and projects that prioritize the health needs of our community, including helping to meet its medical, wellness, and food insecurity needs.


Is faith at the foundation of your nonprofit or organization? Our Foundation helps lessen financial barriers for faith-based missions centered around benefitting the children and families of the Stark County area.

If We Share a Goal – We Can Help More Children and Families

The Paul and Carol David Foundation helps many causes, organizations, nonprofits and businesses who share our mission to improve the health, wellness and educational opportunities for area children.


Find the Grant Application here or Contact Us for more information or to have a conversation about your mission with us.