Scholarship FAQ

The David Scholar Program awards scholarships to high school seniors from Stark County and is renewable for up to four years if a student maintains 2.5 GPA and full-time status.

FAQ for New Applicants

How do I apply for the David Scholar scholarship?

Create an account and complete the online scholarship application, including all required information and attachments.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for scholarship applications is April 15th of your senior year of high school (for enrollment into college in the fall semester of the same calendar year).

Can I apply for the scholarship if I attend a high school outside of Stark County, Ohio?

No. The scholarship is available only to seniors graduating from a Stark County, Ohio high school OR residents of Stark County graduating from an online accredited program.

Can I apply if I am homeschooled?

Yes, as long as you are a resident of Stark County and will be graduating from an accredited program.

Can I use the scholarship for room and board?

Yes, scholarship funds can be used for room and board, as long as it is on campus and paid directly to your school.

Can I apply if I'm already in college?

No, the scholarship is only available to high school seniors. It is renewable, however, for four years.

Can I use the scholarship for graduate school?

No, scholarship funds can only be used for undergraduate or other post-secondary education.

Do I have to attend an Ohio college?

No, you can attend any accredited college or university in the continental United States.

Can I apply for the scholarship if I have already taken dual credit or post secondary courses but am still a senior in high school?

Yes, you are still eligible to apply for the David Scholar Scholarship, but please be aware that if you end up graduating early, scholarship installments cannot be accelerated or “doubled up,” therefore reducing the amount of your total scholarship award.

Why do you need my parents' tax information?

The David Scholarship is based on financial need. Tax information for your parents helps us to determine the most qualified applicants relative to this measure.

How do you determine the financial need of the applicant?

In order to determine financial need, we look at:

  • Family income on the tax return of both parents
  • Expected family contribution (EFC) from the Student Aid Report (SAR) from the FAFSA
  • Financial aid award letter from the college or university being attended

Can I use the scholarship for a trade or career school?

Yes, scholarship funds can be used for these schools, as long as the school is accredited and a non-profit. We are happy to work with you directly on this, so please contact us to discuss further.

Can I apply if my sibling(s) have already received a scholarship?

Yes, siblings of previous scholarship recipients can apply. However, this has a significant impact on our decision process. We want to help as many different families that we can, but do take into account any significant changes to the household since the previous scholarship was awarded to that family. With all things being equal between two applicants, if one of the applicants has a sibling that received the scholarship in the past and the other applicant does not, the applicant whose family has never received a scholarship would be more likely awarded the scholarship.

When are scholarship awards announced?

All applicants will be notified via email by the end of June. Scholarship recipients will also be announced on our website and our Facebook page.

Where do I get an application?

Create an online profile and application here.

How are Scholarship Funds Distributed?

After receiving your current official transcript and verifying that have met the requirements, your scholarship installment amount of $7,000 per year (payable in two equal installments of $3,500 per semester) will be sent directly to the school that we have on record for you. This installment is typically mailed out in mid-July. Please check your student account to confirm. These funds may be used to pay for the cost of attendance at your school for the semester in which payment is made, but only to the extent that such costs are not otherwise covered through other grants and/or scholarships, including institutional scholarships available to the recipient. Any scholarship funds not used to pay for such costs must be returned to the Foundation at the conclusion of that semester and are not to be given directly to the student.

Please note that although our scholarship can be used for things associated with the cost of attendance, this can only be done directly through the student’s account at the school, as our scholarship funds must be paid to an IRS approved, non-profit entity. For example: things such as off-campus housing and groceries, cannot be funded with our scholarship. Technically, housing and food is included in a school’s cost of attendance, but we, as a charitable foundation, cannot pay a for-profit entity (like an off-campus landlord) for our scholars’ housing or directly provide grocery money to our scholars.

In order for our scholarship to be used towards books and supplies, the purchase of these items must go through your student account. Please check with your school to verify their process for purchasing books. It should be noted that The University of Akron does not allow students to use our scholarship towards the purchase of books and supplies.

Also of note, if you end up graduating early, scholarship installments cannot be accelerated or “doubled-up.”

If you cannot find your answer here, please contact us.

FAQ for Current David Scholars

What do I need to do to renew the scholarship?

In order to renew your scholarship, your official transcript must be sent to [email protected] at the end of each semester. We will verify that you met the requirements of earning at least 12 credit hours and maintaining a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA for the given semester. Once verified, your scholarship will automatically renew and funds will be sent to your school on record before the beginning of the next school year. Please make sure your grades are final before sending the transcript to us.

Lastly, we expect our scholars to be model citizens in the community; therefore, any illegal act resulting in a conviction, suspension from school due to violations of school policy, or any other acts deemed unethical or immoral will result in forfeiture of your scholarship.

What happens if tuition at the school I plan to attend is less than the amount of the scholarship?

Please contact us so that we can review this with you.

What if I do not maintain the requirements of the scholarship?

The first time you do not meet the requirements, your scholarship installment will still be issued to the school you are attending – but only for one semester at a time. At the end of the semester, you must still send us your official transcript so that we can verify that you have maintained the requirements of the scholarship. If you have, we will send the next semester’s installment. If you have not met the requirements for a second semester, you will no longer be eligible to receive scholarship funds and all remaining installments will be cancelled.

Can the scholarship be used for classes over the summer session?

If you will be attending full time (a minimum of 12 credit hours) during the summer session, a scholarship installment can be used for the summer session.

Are there scholarship or grant funds available for graduate studies?

No, David Scholar funds are only available for undergraduate studies.

If you cannot find your answer here, please contact us.