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What do I need to do to renew the scholarship?
In order to renew your scholarship, an official transcript must be sent to the Foundation’s office, showing a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or
higher and a minimum of 12 credit hours completed for each semester. Please make sure your grades are final before sending the transcript to us.
Lastly, we expect our scholars to be model citizens in the community; therefore, any illegal act resulting in a conviction, suspension from school due to
violations of school policy, or any other acts deemed unethical or immoral will result in forfeiture of your scholarship.

How will the funds be disbursed?
After receiving a current official transcript, and the requirements have been met, scholarship recipients will receive total funds in the amount of $7,000
per year, payable in two equal installments of $3,500 per semester. The Foundation will pay these scholarship funds directly to your school at the
beginning of the semester.
However, if a scholar is in good standing, the Foundation may pay the entire $7,000 scholarship in the fall for both the fall
and spring semesters. Please check your student account to confirm.
These funds may be used to pay for the cost of attendance at your school for the
semester in which payment is made, but only to the extent that such costs are not otherwise covered through other grants and/or scholarships, including
institutional scholarships available to the recipient.
Any scholarship funds not used to pay for such costs should be returned to the Foundation at
the conclusion of that semester.

Please note that although our scholarship can be used for things associated with the cost of attendance, this can only be done directly through the
student's account at the school, as our scholarship funds must be paid to an IRS approved, non-profit entity. For example
; things such as off-campus
housing or groceries cannot be funded with our scholarship. Technically, housing and food is included in a school's cost of attendance
, but we, as a
charitable foundation, cannot pay a for-profit entity (like an off-campus landlord) for our scholars' housing
, or directly provide grocery money to our

What happens if tuition at the school I plan to attend is less than the amount of the scholarship?
This will be reviewed on a case by case basis directly with the David Scholar.

What if I do not maintain the requirements of the scholarship?
The first time you do not meet the scholarship’s requirements, your scholarship check will still be issued to the school you are attending. If you do not
achieve any requirements for a second semester, you will no longer be eligible to receive scholarship funds
at any time in the future. Regardless, you
must still send us an official transcript after each semester.

Can the scholarship be used for classes over the summer session?
If you will be attending full time (a minimum of 12 credit hours) during the summer session, a scholarship payment can be used for the summer session.

Are there scholarship or grant funds available for graduate studies?
No, David Scholar funds are only available for undergraduate studies.
If you cannot find an
answer here, please call
our office at
(330) 479-0200,
or send an email to:


David Scholar FAQ for Current Recipients

Where do I send my official college transcript?

Paul & Carol David Foundation
c/o David Scholar Program
4048 Dressler Road NW, Suite 200
Canton, OH 44718

An electronic official transcript should be sent to: info@davidfoundation.org