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David Scholars

2010 Scholarship Recipients

The Paul & Carol David Foundation is pleased to announce that the following 51 students have been
named 2010 David Scholars. Each scholar will receive a $5,500 annual, renewable scholarship for their
undergraduate studies. We are proud to welcome these students into the David Scholar family.
Jessica Ashcraft, Louisville High School
Kathleen Bachtel, Washington High School
Megan Barahona, Central Catholic High School
Jacob Benner, GlenOak High School
Brooke Berbari, Jackson High School
Sharon Bernard, Lake High School
Megan Blandford, Louisville High School
Hilary Borton, Minerva High School
Olivia Bronczek, Washington High School
Brianna Carter, GlenOak High School
Anthony Castellaneta, Louisville High School
Sarah Coblentz, Louisville High School
Zachary Columber, St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Bailey Comfort, Fairless High School
Cara Daniels, GlenOak High School
Sara Dieringer, McKinley Senior High School
Xavier DiSabato, Central Catholic High School
Amanda Fitzgerald, Alliance High School
Cassandra Flatt, Alliance High School
Gabrielle Gayheart, Washington High School
Tyler George, Marlington High School
Mariah Green, McKinley Senior High School
Cody Harris, GlenOak High School
Nicholas Harvey, Northwest High School
Melissa Hershberger, Lake High School
Shawn Kennedy, Canton South High School
Audra Kohler, GlenOak High School
Zachary Laughlin, Jackson High School
Margot Lee, Hoover High School
Spencer Leno, Washington High School
Sydney Maltese, Central Catholic High School
Erica Mayle, Canton South High School
Andrew Mease, Tuslaw High School
Courtney Mitchell, East Canton High School
Eric Neff, GlenOak High School
Logan Page, Central Catholic High School
Heidi Pigott, Perry High School
Margaret Repko, McKinley Senior High School
Paige Samblanet, Louisville High School
Brock Sandrock, Central Catholic High School
Trisha Sinay, Tuslaw High School
Cassandra Smer, Washington High School
Gillian Sokol, Northwest High School
Joseph Studer, Washington High School
Raya Ward, Fairless High School
Asia Williams, Timken Senior High School
Corey Williams, Perry High School
Ryan Winstead, GlenOak High School
Disrea Wright, Timken Senior High School
Taylor Zeedrich, Minerva High School
Anna Zotta, Perry High School
To those applicants not receiving our scholarship:

As you might imagine, it is very difficult for us to choose the final David Scholar recipients from
the large number of applications that we receive. We always are impressed with the level of
maturity, work-ethic and desire to succeed of the young adults that take the time to complete
our rather lengthy application. However, inevitably, we cannot grant scholarships to all of those
candidates that are truly deserving and show the characteristics to succeed in their post
secondary education endeavors. However, we wanted to make more people aware of the aid
that might be available to them so that they do not abandon their dream to go on to college.
The financial aid process is a cumbersome one, but if applicants have a lower EFC (expected
family contribution) as determined after submitting their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal
Student Aid), there is a good chance that a large portion of their tuition and fees can be
covered if they attend cost effective schools such as Stark State University and Kent State
Stark. We have included links below to the financial aid offices to both of those fine institutions.
This aid comes in the form of Federal Pell Grants and Ohio College Opportunity Grants. The
2009 maximum awards for Pell and Ohio College Opportunity Grants are $5,350 and $2,496,
respectively. When taking into consideration that Stark State’s tuition per credit hour is $127
and Kent State Stark’s is between $217 and $255, it is very attainable to attend these colleges
with aid available from the two programs listed above. WE STRONGLY URGE candidates that
might qualify for the Federal Pell Grant and the Ohio College Opportunity Grant to contact the
financial aid offices at these two schools. It may mean the difference between continuing your
college education or abandoning your dream to do so. Best wishes to all of you.


The 2010 class of David
Scholars included 51
students from across
Stark County.
The Paul & Carol David Foundation
2010 David Scholars